What is a Pedal Boat?

What’s the Point of a Pedal Boat?

A pedal boat, you say? We like Oxford’s definition: “a small pleasure boat driven by pedals.” Indeed, that’s just it. A pleasure boat! Why, you ask? Because it’s the perfect mix of sport, leisure, outdoor activity, and sometimes even comedy. Aboard, you can expect to take matters into your own hands, well, feet. You’ll be equipped with bicycle-like pedals below your seat. You can cruise as fast as you like!


What Makes Our Pedal Boats Special?

Oh man, where to start? We aren’t your average party boat. The most traditional pedal boats fit two people. Also, let’s just say that in a traditional pedal boat there isn’t really anything else to do onboard aside from, well, pedaling. Our 35ft pontoon pedal boat, on the other hand, is certified to transport up to 24 passengers and includes 12 cycle stations to keep the party moving, grooving, and cruising in the old town in St. Augustine.

What Does a Pedal Boat Tour Include?

Equipped on the vessel are our USCG certified Master Captain, First Mate, Bluetooth surround-sound speakers, built-in countertop coolers, ice, toilet, onboard motor, and multi-colored LED lighting for night cruises. Keep in mind, at least 5 passengers are needed to operate an Old Town Cycle Cruise tour.


Not in the Mood to Pedal?

Not a problem – we know how it is. After all, a few beers in and you may be ready to take it easy. Take turns on the pedals, or let our motor take over! When you’re not pedaling, we’ll be able to find something for you to do. As a matter of fact, our boats offer a full lounge area on the bow, a dance floor, a removable canopy for the sun, and a quality sound system.